Čtyřlůžkový pokoj

Dvoulůžkový de luxe

Dvoulůžkový apartmán

Čtyřlůžkový apartmán

About Us

Castel Kamenný Dvůr was established with the goal of creating a place where one could soak up the elixir of life from an infinite wellspring. Our guests come here to relax and refresh, to connect to the magic that flows through the surrounding countryside, and most of all, to listen to their own souls - to those messages that we don't pay quite enough attention to.

To our lovely, wonderful guests and friends!

Without you, Castel Kamenný Dvůr would be nothing like it is today. We wouldn't have anyone to offer joy to, to take care of, to be the reason we built this fairytale chateau. We deeply appreciate your devotion and love. Thank you!